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Founded in 2014, Hellas Homes stands as a prominent real estate developer based in Athens, Greece. Specializing in property acquisition, development, sales, and rentals, the company is dedicated to revitalizing residential neighborhoods in the heart of Athens, thereby enhancing the overall value of the real estate market. This vision is brought to life through the creation of premium real estate offerings that seamlessly blend quality, design, and eco-efficiency.


At the core of Hellas Homes’ mission is the commitment to crafting modern and functional residential buildings. This is achieved through a strategic approach encompassing extensive renovations or innovative new constructions. The company’s ability to execute large-scale operations is made possible by an integrated team comprising architects, engineers, and real estate experts. This team is committed to manage every aspect of the development process, from conceptualization and construction to deliver the best final product.

Elegant residences

When clients choose to invest in a property from Hellas Homes, they can rest assured that they are acquiring a residence characterized by durability, functionality, and enduring value. The company’s focus on delivering excellent quality real estate products reflects its dedication to not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of discerning buyers.

After- Sale Services

Hellas Homes goes beyond the point of sale to offer an unparalleled after-sales service experience. Committed to ensuring lasting satisfaction for their clients, the company provides comprehensive post-purchase support. From addressing maintenance needs to facilitating seamless transitions, Hellas Homes remains steadfast in fostering enduring relationships with homeowners. This commitment to excellence extends beyond the transaction, exemplifying the company’s dedication to the complete satisfaction and well-being of its valued clientele

Our Team

Our dedicated team at Hellas Homes includes a diverse blend of professionals, including architects, engineers, and seasoned real estate experts, all working together to transform your property journey into an exceptional experience.

From the initial search for your ideal home to the seamless transition into comfortable living,  our team’s collective expertise ensures every step is guided by precision and proficiency. Whether you’re exploring options, finalizing the deal, or settling into your new residence, Hellas Homes’ team is ready to tailor their services to your individual requirements, to turn your vision of a dream home into a reality

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Christine Aegerter


Ilias Pollatos

Finance & Accounting

Ifigenia Tsallou

Legal Counsel

Alexandra Zisimopoulou

Sales & Marketing Manager

Despina Mazi

Project Manager- Civil Engineer

Who we are

Through “Aspire. Sense. Live.” we embody a commitment to excellence, a dedication to sensory-rich environments, and a passion for enhancing the way people live and experience their homes.

At Hellas Homes we believe in the power of aspirations. Our mission is to transcend the ordinary and redefine urban living. We aspire to create not just structures but homes that resonate with dreams. From innovative design concepts to sustainable development practices, we reach for new heights in every project. Our commitment is to inspire a sense of possibility, encouraging our clients to dream beyond boundaries and envision a lifestyle that reflects their deepest aspirations.

In the essence of our developments lies a profound connection to senses. We understand that a home is more than a physical space; it's a sanctuary that engages all senses. Hellas Homes is dedicated to crafting environments that evoke emotions, from the warmth of natural light to the textures that invite touch. Our commitment to a sensory-rich living experience extends beyond aesthetics — it's about creating places that reflect the unique spirit of each community, fostering a sense of belonging and comfort.

It's not just a word; it's a philosophy that influences every aspect of our work. Hellas Homes is more than a real estate developer; we are architects of lifestyles. Our values center on the belief that a home should be a living, breathing entity that adapts to the evolving needs of its inhabitants. We prioritize quality of life, seamlessly blending modern convenience with timeless design. By harmonizing innovative technology, sustainable practices, and community engagement, we ensure that every space we create is not just a residence but a vibrant canvas for people to truly live their best lives.